Wednesday, July 27, 2005

A Gadfly on the Rump of Academia

Conservatives, in spite of the blackout by the MSM, are well aware of the fact that liberal arts departments in most American institutions of higher learning have become political lunatic asylums run by the patients. However, there is only one ongoing story of the epidemic of ideological madness that I have been able to find. It can be found in a series of articles by Dr. Michael Adams who takes evident pleasure in being a conservative thorn in the side of his radical peers.

While Adams appears to have nothing particularly original or insightful to offer in terms of analysis the story of his various political travails and successes in overcoming them can be entertaining. It also pleases me that there is at least one conservative in academia who will neither bend nor bow and is more than willing to bite back. You can find his online publications here: Mike Adams


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