Tuesday, August 02, 2005

God Bless Air America

Conservatives are inclined to ridicule Air America and take pleasure in imagining it folding some day due to lack of audience. They should instead regard Air America as a blessing because it reveals the true nature of the left. This is in sharp contrast to PBS, NPR, CBS, the New York and Los Angeles Times masquerading as objective news organizations while slyly doing their best to advance a left-wing agenda.

Conservative talk radio, at its best, is a mixture of political ridicule, criticism, analysis and positive messages about America that reaffirm mainstream, majority values and attitudes. While Air America can serve up a heaping portion of negativism it is incapable of tempering that message with positive assertions that have broad appeal. In order to keep its audience happy, Air America commentators should say nothing positive about any of the following:
Anything the Bush administration says or does.
America’s armed forces.
Police and law enforcement agencies.
Entrepreneurs and business leaders.
The economy.
Events in Iraq.
Condolezza Rice and American foreign policy.
Anything enacted by Congress and signed into law by President Bush.
Gun ownership.
Free enterprise.
Full-time mothers.
Heterosexual marriage.
Hunting and fishing.
Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and dead white men in general.
The Boy Scouts.
Western civilization.

At the same time Air America commentators should avoid saying anything that the Democrat coalition of radical, single-issue constituencies might find offensive and those constituencies are very, very easily offended. Trapped in a rhetorical straightjacket, Air America can do little more than recite an unending litany of bitter complaints in the course of promoting a consistently negative image of America. If, at the end of listening to a Rush Limbaugh broadcast, you feel optimistic and proud to be an American Limbaugh has done his job well. If, at the end of an Al Franken broadcast, you feel pessimistic and ashamed to be an American Franken has done his job well.

Air America provides a very valuable service to conservatives because it gives the politically curious but uncommitted an easy way to compare Left and Right. Those who are turned on by Air America are beyond redemption while those who are turned off are potential grist for the conservative mill. God bless Air America.


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