Monday, October 17, 2005

The Unbroken Circle

Since Arrafat's long overdue and most welcome demise I have believed that Israel should do what it appears to be doing now -- stop negotiating and create through military withdrawals and the construction of defenses a de facto Palestinian State. I favored this approach because I believed that it would lead to a Palestinian civil war pitting Arab clan against clan and tribe against tribe. That is what we now see in Gaza and the sooner the West Bank follows suit the better. Palestinians united are a far greater threat to the civilized world than Palestinians divided through bitter internecine warfare. Far better that their barbarous Bedouin culture and the murderous rage it fosters express themselves in the most self-destructive ways possible.

If there is to be any path to peace it must entail at some point the war weary pragmatism evident in Lebanon today. Israelis are not inclined to be the helpless victims of a genocidal Arab honor killing. Palestinians must abandon their hopes of exterminating the "Zionist Entity" if they are to ever to experience the personal security and prosperity enjoyed by the citizens of civilized nations. The more Palestinians brutalize and immiserate themselves the better. Only when they reach rock bottom will they find, as Iraqis are finding now, a different and more constructive way to restore their lost honor.

Will Abbas survive and prevail? I hope not. The only way to cut off the enormous flow of foreign donations, largely from the useful idiots of the EU, that form the ultimate prize for the next Palestinian dictator is to foster chaos. I hope Israel is wise enough to continuously destabilize the situation and America prudent enough to look the other way. If the bonfire of Arab vanity is ever to abate it must be fed with the lives of Arabs until the time that most Arabs firmly refuse to sacrifice themselves in order to keep it burning. In the meantime, burn, baby, burn.


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