Monday, November 07, 2005

The European Intifada

I followed the Muslim riots in France from the time they were first reported in the foreign press. That gave me a head start on the NY Times that took a week longer to discover that something was amiss in France and worthy of note. The MSM, blinkered as always, did its best to ignore or soft-pedal the fact that the men and boys throwing Molotov cocktails and assaulting police often shouted “Allahu Akbar” while doing so. Be that as it may, there are lessons to be learned.

The first and most obvious lesson is that weakness invites aggression. Over the course of 30 or more years the French government lost control of some 750 “sensitive” Muslim neighborhoods. Law enforcement was replaced by the rule of Muslim street gangs supplemented by Muslim imams preaching hatred for infidels. It was thus possible for Muslims to continue their vile practices of honor killing, forced marriage, polygamy and the oppression and abuse of women with impunity. The French in effect ceded portions of their national territory to Muslim colonists. France is not alone in this regard. The same phenomenon can be observed in Belgium, Sweden and Denmark. An excellent exposition of the deplorable Muslim impact on Scandinavia is available from a Norwegian blogger who goes by the name of Fjordman. The Flemish Brussels Journal offers a broader European perspective.

Intermarriage is the sine qua non of assimilation. However, Islam forbids marriage between Muslim women and infidels and few infidel women are foolish enough to marry Muslim men. In the latter case the infidel wife will usually be persuaded to convert to Islam and in any case Islam decrees that her children will be raised as Muslims. Islam allows Muslims to show friendship towards infidels only when Muslims are at their mercy. Otherwise, infidels are to be given a choice of conversion to Islam, death or subjugation by Muslims. Those who renounce the Muslim religion or convert to another are to be slain. This is not radical Islam. It is mainstream Islam. Therefore, the second lesson is that assimilation of observant Muslims is a childish Western fantasy. The best one can hope for is to give Muslims an economic stake in society so that they have a good deal to lose in making war against their infidel host societies. America has done this well while Western Europe’s economic stagnation guarantees that millions of Muslims have little or nothing to lose.

The third lesson is that Europe is morally and spiritually weak. Muslims can incrementally seize its territory with impunity and when the size of the Muslim population grows beyond a certain point Muslims can through violence and the threat of violence impose its will on the spineless infidel majority. If a few thousand Muslim men and boys can bring France to its knees using little more than clubs, stones and Molotov cocktails, what could be accomplished with a full arsenal of terrorist weapons? Jihadist imaginations are no doubt hard at work.

The final lesson is that Western European welfare states are incubators for Muslim extremism and disorder along with nonsectarian criminality and irresponsibility. The fledgling democracies of Eastern Europe should certainly take that lesson to heart.


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