Wednesday, February 01, 2006

God Bless the Danes!

The Muslim assault on the right to free speech enjoyed by the Danes is an outrage. I for one will express my support for the Danish people in three ways. I will immediately develop a taste for Havarti cheese and gorge myself on baby back ribs while drinking Tuborg beer in response to Thomas Lifson's appeal to buy Danish. I will also publish on this blog some of the Danish cartoons of Muhammed that have led to death threats and boycotts. And then I will email the embassies of those Muslim countries that have taken action against Denmark and invite their attention to what I have done. Some of you who value liberty may wish to follow suit.

The French newspaper France Soir has republished the Muhammed cartoons with this (machine translated) statement:

"France Soir denounces in the same way the intolerance of the "Moslem Brothers, Syria, Islamic Jihad, Ministers of Interior Department of the Arab countries, Islamic Conférence" who demand the "citizens of secular democratic societies, to condemn a dozen caricatures considered to be offensive for the islam".

"No, we will never excuse ourselves [the right] to free speech, to think, believe... Since these self-proclaimed doctors of the faith make a question of principle of it, it is necessary to be firm. Let us protest as much as it will be necessary to demonstrate that one has the right to caricature Mahomet, Jesus, Buddha, Jehovah and all the variations of theism. That is called the freedom of expression in a laic country ", affirms the leader-writer of the newspaper."

This expression of solidarity comes from an unexpected quarter. It is a noble example our own newsmedia should emulate. Newspapers in Spain and Germany are following suit. Europeans are showing more grit than I would have expected.

The cartoons in question may be found here. The server has been overwhelmed by page requests. Be patient.


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