Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Are We Winning the War Yet, Mommy?

I have in ten weeks learned more than enough about Islam to advance a number of logical, fact-based opinions about the Islamic challenge to modern civilization. So, let's begin.

Terrorist Recruitment

While infidel nations led by the United States can in some degree contain Islamic international terrorism through military action and diplomatic pressure they cannot by themselves end the threat of militant Islam. Behind every terrorist there is an imam and a mosque and more often than not the two are financially supported by Saudi Arabia. You cannot find a Muslim nation that will refuse the generous contribution of new mosque paid for by Saudi Arabia and staffed by a Muslim fanatic trained in Saudi Arabia.

Infidels can do absolutely nothing to contain the spread of Saudi Salafist Islam in the Muslim world. If the spread of militant Islam is to be contained or reversed in the Muslim world it is Muslims who must achieve that end. Inasmuch as the oil wealth of Iran and Saudi Arabia allows them to purchase influence in the corrupt governments of most Muslim nations we can expect militant Islam to become an increasingly powerful movement in the Muslim world. Almost all of some 57 Muslim nations are losing ground with respect to the spread of militant Islam. There is not a damn thing America or any other infidel nation can do to reverse this process.

The Myth of Assimilation

Muslim immigrant populations cannot be assimilated by an infidel host society. Islam forbids the marriage between Muslim women and infidel men. Muslim men may marry women who are "People of the Book" -- Jews and Christians -- with the understanding that all offspring of those marriages will be raised as Muslims. In this regard Muslims resemble Hasidic Jews and Amish Christians.

Intermarriage between different ethnic groups, religious faiths and races is the sine qua non of assimilation because it creates a vital common interest between otherwise exclusive groups. When an Eastern Orthodox Christian marries a Protestant both families are forced to find ways to interact and cooperate in the common cause of supporting their children and sharing their hoped for grandchildren. When a black Pentecostal person marries a white Presbyterian you can safely assume that both families will be in an uproar. They will then have to find a modus vivendi if they hope to share something that they both value. This, more than anything else, is secret of the successful American melting pot. Half of all Asian-Americans currently marry out of their ethnic groups. Half of American Jews marry someone who is not Jewish. The free selection of mates leads over the course of generations to a common American identity.

While Muslims can and do work hard and are, at least in America, self-sufficient and law-abiding they can never be assimilated. They will remain a self-contained and exclusive community incapable of joining others in a shared national identity. This is not a problem as long as they remain a relatively small and powerless minority. It is a catastrophe if significant political power becomes within their reach. Infidels are ill-treated and marginalized wherever Muslims hold political sway.


Most of Western Europe is in a demographic death spiral because of low birth rates. Lacking a common religious faith that can compete with Islam and sharing a common nihilistic philosophy much of Europe lacks a cultural immune system capable of resisting the infection of Islam. A few, small cohesive European nations with a strong sense of national identity may be able to resist the Muslim onslaught but the prospects are bleak for the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain. There is every reason to believe that much of Europe will become part of the Muslim world before this century ends.

The Missing Muslim Moderate

Militant Muslims will kill anyone who stands in their way. The same cannot be said of moderate Muslims. The violent and united few have almost always been able to impose their will on the peaceful and divided many. Moderate Muslims hide in the weeds and watch as their violent coreligionists engage in countless acts of barbarism out of a sense of self-preservation. Iran is a good example. Most of its very young population yearns for liberty and modernity. Nevertheless, they are unwilling to fight and die in order to liberate themselves from Islamic oppression. It is not difficult to imagine a modern Islamic empire, like the former Soviet empire, in which the brutal few are masters of the hapless many.

The Long View

The Muslim world is in the early stages of a major upheaval that will last for generations. In nations without oil wealth Islamism is a recipe for economic decline and that, in the end, may be the final antidote -- populations sick of suffering in the name of Islam. Few of us, if any, will live long enough to see the end of this.


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