Thursday, March 02, 2006

Islamic Evil

In the aftermath of 9/11 I set about learning more about Islam and tried to better understand the bizarre perversity that I had observed in Arabs for nearly half a century. The recent cartoon brouhaha pushed me over the edge and I impulsively and without any forethought whatsoever decided to fight back via a blog dedicated to Islamic evil.

In a few minutes I created a Blogger template and 15 post topics with no content. I chose a dark and brooding motif that echoed the colors of the Nazi flag. This, I think, was a fortunate choice as it heightened the impact of graphic imagery.

I soon found that I didn't know enough to write authoritatively on any aspect of Islam. I had a vague and general level of knowledge and that was nowhere near enough to do what I wanted to do. Content development and self-education ran in parallel. I now know Islam for what it is: a loathesome, primitive, oppressive, despotic, retrograde and barbarous creed.

Everyone with a blog that he or she hopes to be popular installs a hit counter. Most are hidden so as not to publically embarass the blogger. I boldly gambled with an unusual visible hit counter because I hoped to attract a respectable international audience and advertising that fact would increase my credibility. In retrospect I think that was a good decision.

I quickly found that there were a large number of anti-Islamic pages that had been fighting the good fight before I knew there was a good fight to be fought. I decided that I would compete with none of them. My blog would not be driven by daily events nor would it be focussed on a single aspect of Muslim nastiness. I would instead endeavor to create a concise, top-level crash course that would begin with the evil done in the name of Islam and work back to its causes. I would wherever possible avoid duplicating the fine work of others and, instead, invite attention to it.

I decided to interpose irreverant humor with serious discourse in order to punctuate narrative in the same way that some movies do. Some visitors enjoy this approach but I am not sure this was a good decision.

At every turn I followed my instincts and it is only now that I sit back and attempt to dispassionately analyze what I did and how I could make it better. While there is somewhat more to be done I am pleased with what I achieved. Although there is no search engine that will cough up my blog visitors still show up and their numbers are increasing daily.

I have devils sitting on each of my shoulders. One tells me to purge all personal observations and commentary from my blog in order to make it better. The other one tells me my blog is in some measure a personal statement and there is nothing wrong in personalizing it. They wrestle with each other every waking moment of every day but the contest remains a draw.

In any case, visit with the back-story in mind.

While I can find a feminist resource that deplores the patriarchal iconography of Frosty the Snowman (a carrot for a nose and all that) I have yet to find any objection on any American feminist website to the dreadful oppression of women burdened by the yoke of Muslim bondage. Female genital mutilation? They couldn't care less. They are a sick, morally bankrupt and vile band of harpies.

Nor could I find any page concerned with the nastiness of Islam that emanated from a left-wing source. Conservatives were outraged at the Muslim demand that they hold their tongues in accordance with Sharia law. The left didn't care a wit. While we can and should argue about means and ends anyone who dares to call him or herself an American should at least show some evidence of moral conscience. The hard left has instead jumped on the jihad bandwagon. But the hard left has always allied itself with those who would destroy most of us. I hoped that they would show some measure of decency in regard to Muslim aggression. That, it appears, was asking for too much.


Blogger BlackCatAlfa said...

and.. for some of the aforementioned reasons listed above.. the reason for my right turn somewhere around the first "beheading" video, that showed the depravity of these terrorists.
However..I am still a registered Democrat, though truly an independent as I vote for whomever I party lines for me.

4:40 PM  
Blogger Moved Elsewhere said...

If a viable political party does just three things better than any other I will vote for its candidates. Those things are national security (keeping the bad guys out), internal security (locking the bad guys up) and promoting economic growth.

11:48 AM  
Blogger BlackCatAlfa said...

unfortunately in Maryland, Independents cannot vote in primaries.
If I told you why I refuse to register as a Republican, you would probably explode as my explanation invokes the sacred name of
ps/ RR broke up my marriage.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Moved Elsewhere said...

And you might be amazed to learn that I voted for Bill Clinton rather than Bush senior. Bush was a Republican who stood for nothing while I am a conservative.

2:38 PM  
Blogger suxxes said...

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